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Sports Exercise & Fitness Equipment Speed & Agility Training Kit Combo Set

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  • Agility Kit is an ideal way to improve your speed, agility, balance, coordination and stamina for any sport
  • Agility Kit Includes 3 x 6" hurdles, 3 x 9" hurdles , 3 x 12" Hurdles, 20 Space Markers, 1 x speed resistor, 1 x evasion belt, 1 x speed chute, 1 x reaction ball & 2 x 4m ladders
  • Comes with carry bag

Adjustable Height Training Hurdle Set 4ft & 5ft | Track & Field Workout Trainer Kit | Soccer & Football Training Equipment | Athletic Equipment Training for Speed & Agility (5ft, with Rubber Base)

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  • RUNNING EQUIPMENT SET - The speed and jump training kit features 8 slalom poles, 4 hurdle poles, 8 adjustable 360-degree clips and 8 rubber bases. Sports training equipment for kids and adults.
  • ADJUSTABLE CLIPS - This sports practice equipment is supplied with 360-degree rotational, adjustable clips. This allows the slalom sticks to change height quick & easy so you can focus on your workout.
  • AGILITY EQUIPMENT FOR ATHLETIC TRAINING - This athletic training kit will develop your speed and agility, so you can perform at the highest level possible. Footwork ladder for speed ladder exercise and athletic workouts.
  • MULTI-SPORT TRAINING - This training pole set for speed exercise is suitable to use for training in any sport. Use as basketball training equipment, football equipment, volleyball training equipment, track & field and more.
  • MULTI-SURFACE TRAINING EQUIPMENT - Both heights of the athletic hurdle training set come with rubber bases for speed exercise on any surface. The large 5ft obstacle course pole set is available with steel ground spikes for extra stability on grass.

goalin Speed & Agility Training Set - Set of Premium Agility Ladder, 20 Disc Cones, Running Parachute, Jump Rope, Resistance Bands, Drill Manual - Football, Soccer, Basketball, Training Athletes

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • ★ BUILD SKILL & CONFIDENCE FOR INDOOR / OUTDOOR GAMES: 20ft PREMIUM Agility Ladder with 12 rungs, 4 metal ground anchors, 20 high-grade agility cones, 1 running parachute, 2 chart drills,1 jump rope, 5 Resistance bands, 1 Carry bag. Bonus: 3 E-books (scan the QR code on the box) and 1 Ball pump. 
  • ★ PERFECT FOR EVERYONE - Our PREMIUM GEAR is designed to meet everyone’s necessities, whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner, sports players, youth, kids, and all who want to gain speed, agility, coordination, endurance & reaction.
  • ★ BOOST YOUR POTENTIAL - Get to the peak performance with a combination of agility ladder to gain body control and rhythm, cones to develop coordination, and parachute to increase resistance and speed. Use it regularly and see the results quickly.
  • ★ BEST FOR CARDIO AND FITNESS GOALS - Add fun and variety to your workout with a progressive exercise plan using our agility ladder and disc cones. You can train at home, in the backyard, at the stadium, in the park, in the gym, and anywhere else you would like.
  • ★ BUILD EXPLOSIVENESS: The Resistance Parachute simulates sled workout creating drag and increasing leg drive and top end running speed that translates to any sport, not just football. Strengthen legs in combination with other accessories.

X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit / Overload Running Resistance & Release / Harness & Resistance Band, Speed and Agility Equipment for Sprint and Football, Basketball, Soccer / Youth and Adult Ready

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • GET FASTER: Your speed training kit provides running resistance using speed training harness along with bullet-proof resistance strap to build up power that is instantly released to recruit more muscle fibers for greater leg drive and stride length, giving you increased speed in less time
  • GET QUICKER: When released from dynamic resistance, your body awareness is conditioned to generate greater ground foot strikes, key to generating the power needed to boost first-step quickness and enhance rapid acceleration.
  • 360-DEGREE TRAINING: Because athletic movements are not one-dimensional, XCELER8 designed your agility training harness with a rugged sliding ring along with multiple D-Rings attachment points so you can train in any direction, for an agility trainer built for real-world moves for football, soccer and basketball, giving your body new levels of game-saving agility
  • TRAIN EASILY: Simply wrap and fasten the Athlete Belt around your waist. Attach the Partner Strap and you’re ready to train. The speed training harness' double buckle design and premium Velcro will comfortably fit youth and adult athletes, and when loosened you will be able to easily step in and out of the belt between uses
  • SPEED-X TRAINING | 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Developed by professional athletes and along with professional speed and agility trainers, our SPEED-X DRILL SERIES (included in a PDF booklet and an online training video series), to enhance your speed and agility training. All parts are covered by a 12-month warranty; message us for details.

XGEAR Speed Agility Training Set - Indoor Outdoor TPE Adjustable Rungs Agility Ladder, Resistance Parachute, 4 Steel Stakes, 12 Disc Cones - Kit for Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Basketball Drill

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • THE TRAINING SET: XGEAR sports training set includes TPE agility ladder, a resistance parachute,12 disc cones, 4 steel stakes and 2 drawstring bag. Everything needed is ready for your training.
  • AGILITY LADDER: Constructed with TPE material, the agility ladder is flexible and adjustable, offer excellent performance for footwork training with tangle-free strap. Secure it in place with rust-resistant metal pegs. Snaps at the end are intended to attach other ladder for your need. The ladder with 9 rungs is 13’ Long.
  • THE RESISTANT PARACHUTE: The chute is 52’’ in diameter, with heavy-duty adjustable nylon belt. Quick-release belt buckle allows training with acceleration bursts. Your explosiveness and stamina will be effectively improved with this resistant training chute.
  • ELASTIC DISC CONES :Our premium elastic cones can be placed in a wide variety of patterns. Great as boundary markers, sport practice, and targets. Each disc cone measures 7.5’’ in diameter, 2’’ in height.
  • VERSATILE: This set is designed to elevate skills in all sports like football drills, boxing, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, tennis, track and field. The best choice for you to enhance athletic performance efficiently.

Soccer Wall | 3 Soccer Inflatable Dummies SID with Pump | Goalkeeper Defender Training | Dummies for Free Kicks, Dribbling Wall Passing Drills, Complete kit

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  • ★ QUALITY MATERIALS : These soccer inflatable dummies are made from 0.6 mm double dura layer PVC material. The manufacturing follows a strict quality control procedure to deliver you a durable and long lasting soccer-training dummy.
  • ★ SIZED TO PERFECTION : These SIDs measure 1.76m - 5 feet 9 inches tall. These dummies can take a tough hit and get upright back for more, serving as a good soccer practice mannequin. THE WALL combines everything you would need, straight out of the box.
  • ★ EASE OF USE : The football practice tumbler from soccer clearance store is simple to use and can be inflated or deflated using the enclose Intex Double Quick III S hand pump. It is designed to pump air on both up and down strokes; this double action pump maximizes airflow, making inflating fast and simple. This multi-use hand pump includes 3 interconnecting nozzles with hoses to inflate or deflate other different types of inflatables.
  • ★ SIMPLISTIC DESIGN : The design of this football soccer training defender is minimalistic with a water base having a double screw on the seal and plug system. Alternatively you can use sand. Its recommended to fill the base with water/sand using the funnel first before inflating.
  • ★ VERSATILE TRAINING DUMMY : This is an easy, economical and safe option for all your soccer training drills, goalkeeper drills and free kick practice. Its soft on impact and will not hurt you while you are knocking it around, unlike some metal or rigid plastic dummies which can potentially have some sharp edges.

Soccer Jerseys Adult Customized Football Jerseys Set Kits Men DIY Soccer Uniforms Training Suits New (Blue, M)

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • Put all the jerseys with customized information into cart to create order you would see discount price finally automatic
  • Customized with your names and numbers in about a week. custom products is special products so we don't accept any returns and cancellation after recieve payment!
  • Click the Customize Now button to add your team name and the player name and number on the back.
  • Price includes color design and your names and numbers in your choice of available colors, layouts and type styles.
  • If you need to custom logo and the other design ,Go to Contact us after placing your order. We can send a proof so you can approve the design.

Athletivi Speed & Agility Training Set - Ladder Kit with Fixed-Rungs, Cones, and Resistance Parachute Improves Coordination and Speed. Set for Football, Soccer, Fitness Workout Athletes.

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • A MUST-HAVE FOOTBALL TRAINING EQUIPMENT SET - 18ft PREMIUM Ladder with fixed rungs, 4 metal ground anchors, 10 high-grade agility cones, 1 running parachute, 2 double-sided chart drills, jump rope, 5 resistance bands, 1 carry bag. Bonus: 2 E-books.
  • EASY TO USE and NO SLIDING RUNGS - with Our quick set-up fixed-rung ladders spend time on your training, not on spacing rungs. You can train at home, in the backyard, at the stadium, in the park, in the gym, and anywhere else you would like.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE - our PREMIUM GEAR is designed to meet everyone’s necessities, whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner, sports players, youth, kids, and all who want to gain speed, agility, coordination, endurance & reaction.
  • AWAKE YOUR POTENTIAL - Get to the peak performance with a combination of speed ladder to gain body control and rhythm, cones to develop coordination, and parachute to increase resistance and sprint. Use it regularly and see the results quickly.
  • ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH - to stay healthy is essential, agility equipment will help you stay fit, tone your body, improve cardio, burn calories, prevent injuries, give you power and strength, and boost your mental focus and alertness!

Big B Pro Sports Big Ideas, Better Products Speed & Agility Training Set (Yellow)- Agility Ladder, Football Cones, Running Parachute, Jump Rope, Hurdles & Resistance Bands

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  • Champion Quality: This agility training equipment kit will get you fitter faster, & stronger. Achieve new levels of agility and speed with fast footwork circuits and plyometric movements.
  • Ready To Go: Everything in this speed training equipment kit comes ready-to-go with a superfast set-up so you don’t have to waste a minute. Our cones come with a holder if you ever need to transport them individually.
  • EXPLOSIVE POTENTIAL: Our improved running parachute design creates strong wind resistance, making it highly effective at leveling up your sprint speed. Put those fast-twitch muscle fibres to work and achieve maximum explosiveness to leave all of your opponents in the dust. The secure, adjustable belt stays fastened to your waist in one click and is adjustable up to 42 inches. Dominate any sport or competition whether it's soccer, tennis, american football, a track and field event or other!
  • Explosive Potential: Our improved parachute for speed training creates strong wind resistance, making speed parachute highly effective at levelling up your sprint speed.
  • No Risk To You! At Big B Pro Sports Bands, we strive to make your life easier and healthier. If there's any issue with your set of soccer training equipment, contact us and we'll make it right!

BlazePod Flash Reflex Lights and Reaction Training System, Challenging Activities to Improve Speed and Agility - for Athletes, Martial Arts, Soccer, Boxing, Basketball, Coaches and Trainer (4 Pods)

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • ✔️ THE BLAZEPOD TRAINING EXPERIENCE ↪ empowers body and mind with Flash Reflex Training. Our engaging Pods, motivating visual cues & professionally designed activities for both physical and cognitive training help you get the most out of every session. The Pods, paired with the BlazePod app, combine to create a training experience like no other, pushing you to new limits
  • ✔️ THE STANDARD KIT ↪ is perfect for professional sports coaches, therapists & fitness trainers. The kit includes 4 LED light pods to create the most challenging activities, competitions and tests for your athletes and trainees. It comes with a charging base and an official BlazePod hard-shell, protective case that fits 4 Pods.
  • ✔️ CROSS-VERTICAL USE ↪ Flash Reflex Training is great for training across multiple verticals. From soccer to basketball, racquet sports, martial arts, fitness and physiotherapy, BlazePod’s Pods and activities are designed to challenge your athletes and clients, track their results and boost their performances!
  • ✔️ INTUITIVE PODS ↪ BlazePod's uniquely designed visual cue lighting Pods are extremely intuitive with no buttons or moving parts. They connect easily with the BlazePod app and are powered by Bluetooth low energy. The Pods light up with powerful RGB LEDs with 8 color options, allowing you to maximize every activity with different colors for different users. From children to the elderly, enthusiasts to professional athletes, BlazePod’s Pods are a great motivator for any age or fitness level.
  • ✔️ CONNECTIVITY & DURABILITY ↪ BlazePod’s long range auto-connection reaches up to 40 meters, ensuring connectivity for a wide range of activities. The Pods are extremely durable, can absorb hard hits during an MMA training session but are also sensitive enough for a light tap. They are splash-proof (IP65) and UV protected. You can easily train with BlazePod in any location, under any circumstances.

LYKAN FIT Agility Ladder Speed Parachute Speed Cones Training Kit | Premium Workout Equipment to Boost Your Speed and Stamina | Ultimate Kit for All Kinds of Sports to Improve Footwork Coordination

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • Agility Training Equipment: includes 20 foot Sports Speed Ladder, 1 Speed Parachute with a Drawstring Bag, 12 Speed Cones, 4 Steel Pegs, and a Carry Bag
  • Train and build cofidence for indoor / outdoor with our Speed and Agility Ladder: Take your training kit anywhere and use it for Training, Fitness, Exercise, or any other workout of your choice
  • Jump, Lean, Sprint with our Soccer Practice Equipment: Change up your cardio exercise with a drill charts utilizing our speed parachute and speed cones. This can assist with safe weight reduction while working on your coordination and heart wellbeing
  • Customize Your Drills: Use this football training equipment for youth to create a variety of drills for improving speed, agility, footwork, and swiftness
  • Versatile: This soccer training equipment for youth is perfect for football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, track, and even off-season hockey

MLCINI Agility Ladder 1 Agility Training Equipment 1 Resistance Parachute 4 Adjustable Hurdles 12 Disc Cones 1 Jump Rope 1 Resistance Band Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment for Soccer Football

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • [Agility Ladder] MLCINI’s agility ladder speed training equipment includes 1 speed chute, 1 agility speed ladder, 12 disc cones, 1 x mesh drawstring carry bag, 1 jump rope, 1 resistance band,4 adjustable hurdles and a big gym bag. Our professional-grade training tools are built to last. Ladder straps and parachute thick and durable,disk cone is flexible, and the hurdles are adjustable in height.
  • [CUSTOMIZATION YOUR DRILLS] Use this soccer training equipment, football training equipment, baseball training equipment, basketball training equipment to create a variety of drills for improving speed, agility, coordination, footwork, balance, and explosiveness. Suitable for coaches, football players, basketball players, soccer players, tennis players and athletes of all sorts. Can also be used to create a fun obstacle course suitable for kids and adults alike.
  • [INCREASE SPEED AND EXPLOSIVENESS] The Resistance Parachute creates drag, forcing you to work harder which, in turn, builds overall strength. Build both speed & strength in one exercise.
  • [FULLY ADJUSTABLE] The quick Adjustable Hurdles(8 inches to 12 inches high) allows for on the fly challenges, perfect for various sports drills like soccer, baseball, basketball etc. Long 12 rungs adjustable ladder and 12 disc Cones, you can design a vast variety of footwork drills both indoors and outdoors.
  • [SATISFACTION] Your satisfaction is important to us, pls contact our customer service first if you found the stuff you received does not match the pictures partially and we want you to buy with complete confidence from MLCINI SPORTS. As a result, we offer unconditional exchange/return/refund services within 180 days after your purchase.

RENRANRING Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment Set - Includes 20ft Agility Ladder, Resistance Parachute, 4 Agility Hurdles, 12 Disc Cones for Training Football Soccer Basketball Athletes

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • 【Agility Training Equipment Kit】Includes20-foot advanced Speed agility ladder with fixable 4 stakes, 4 Agility hurdles,12 yellow disc Soccer Cones, Running Parachute. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these devices can meet your training requirements.
  • 【Suitable for People of all Ages】The Speed Agility Training Set for kids, athletes, children, adults, coaches, sports and fitness enthusiasts. It can cope with flying challenges, increase the speed, strength and endurance of the legs, and improve the agility and coordination of the body.
  • 【Efficient Choice】The fixed-width ladder design eliminates tripping troubles and saves more time for training. You can quickly start training in courtyards, parks, gymnasiums or as Workout equipment for home workouts ,no worries about weather conditions.
  • 【AWAKE YOUR POTENTIAL】Used for various Leg Training of Football Training Equipment, Soccer Football Agility Training Equipment, Basketball Training Equipment and Baseball Training Equipment. It can also be used to create interesting obstacle routes suitable for children and adults.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Your satisfaction is very important to us.Therefore, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder Training Equipment Set, Improves Coordination, Speed, Power and Strength, Includes 10 Cones, 4 Hooks and 3 Loop Resistance Bands for Outdoor Workout (Yellow)

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  • GREAT VALUE KIT: Our bundle includes a 15ft. agility ladder with 4 hooks, 10 cones and 3 loop resistance bands—a complete set for your fitness workout.
  • DEPENDABLE EQUIPMENT: Our speed ladder is made fixed so the rungs stay in place, no need to adjust. It also has 4 metal hooks that you can stick to the ladders' edges for a secured workout on a grass field or park.
  • ULTIMATE WORKOUT SET: Offering better options and variations to train as it is a bundle, our kit improves strength, agility, speed, coordination, weight loss, and even flexibility!
  • WITH PREMIUM CARRY BAG: Enjoy hassle-free training whether indoor or outdoor. Our set also includes a high-quality carry bag, so you can bring it all together anywhere you like.
  • IDEAL PRESENT: Perfect as a gift for athletes, coaches, kids, personal trainers, or simply as an investment for your fitness training. Click 'Add to Cart' today and make our speed training kit your new favorite equipment set!

SoccerMAS REACT3ON - The World's Fastest Soccer Trainer - All Ages - ONE2TRAIN Soccer Training Equipment - Soccer Ball 5, 3 for Reaction Reflexes Skills - Indoor - SOCCERFLIX Agility Training Set

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as of February 19, 2022 11:16 pm


  • ✅ THE WORLD'S FASTEST SOCCER TRAINER For ALL AGES and LEVELS that will challenge your legs speed, reactions, kick accuracy, reflexes, high-speed vision and your whole stamina. This is the right path to evolve soccer into futbol, futebol or football.
  • ✅ FREE Training On Demand streaming to your TV with our ROKU ONE2TRAIN Channel. The safest and fastest way to train without ads distractions like in YouTube. It is an ALL AROUND soccer training that challenges all parts of the body. FREE limited training versions in YouTube & INSTAGRAM channels.
  • ✅ FREE Soccer equipment called "Dribbler Tumbler" to learn and train the Brazilian dribbling or "JOGO BONITO" anytime and in any weather inside the comfort of your home without having to expose to the Coronavirus or COVID-19 disease. Your 24/7 Private Soccer Academy at home that can strength your weak leg to play like your dominant one with special soccer balls.
  • ✅ Included my FREE new invention called "The Awareness Training" streamed to your TV to develop your awareness and "READ THE GAME" skill while evolving your dynamic ball control.
  • ✅ No Assembly Required. Bases must be filled with play sand ONLY. This training device is a simple design made by plastic/PVC parts to ensure it absorbs the thousands of kicks done at high speeds in minutes. PLEASE BEFORE BUYING CHECK VIDEO DEMOS ON OUR AMAZON STORE or check VIDEO DEMOS below

Ohuhu Speed Agility Ladder Training Set - 12 Rung 20ft Agility Ladder and 12 Field Cones,4 Steel Stakes & Carrying Bag,Footwork Equipment for Soccer Football Boxing Drills

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  • [Made Tough for Training] - The Ohuhu agility training ladder can withstand plenty of abuse thanks to the high-quality PP material, which resists wear and tear.
  • [Adjustable Length] - The distance of 15 inch between each step is adjustable on the 12-rung training ladder set, so you can train exactly the way you need to.
  • [Includes 12 Football Cones] - Use the 12 included football cones in the Ohuhu agility ladder set (6 yellow and 6 orange, with UV protection) for a variety of exercises. They can be easily seen in any conditions thanks to the bright colors.
  • [4 Ground Nails] - The Ohuhu agility ladder set comes with four ground nails to keep your ladder in place on the field, thus reducing the risk of tripping or injury, or having to readjust it constantly.
  • [Wide Range of Application] - If you are an athlete looking to get more nimble, then the Ohuhu agility training ladder set is for you! Improves your foot speed, lateral speed, agility, coordination and overall balance.

Football Designer Kit Colouring Book for Kids: Football Jersey Activity Book for Children to Design and Colour Their Own Football Shirts and Equipment.

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Is Adult Product
Number Of Pages125
Publication Date2021-11-05T00:00:01Z


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Is Adult Product
Release Date2021-05-31T21:14:55.787-00:00
Publication Date2021-05-31T21:14:55.787-00:00
FormatKindle eBook

20ft Agility Ladder & Speed Cones Training Set - Exercise Workout Equipment To Boost Fitness & Increase Quick Footwork - Kit for Soccer, Football, Tennis & Basketball - With Carry Bag & Drill Charts

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  • ✅ BUILD SKILL & CONFIDENCE FOR INDOOR / OUTDOOR GAMES: Mantra Sports Agility Ladders are best for adults, kids who want to get fit & gain a competitive advantage in baseball, football, running, tennis, ice hockey, rugby or any team sport requiring speed, quickness of feet & alertness.
  • ✅ TRAIN ANYWHERE WITH OUR ALL-WEATHER ADJUSTABLE LADDER: Lay each 19.6 foot heavy duty nylon strap parallel to each other & adjust the 12 rungs to your liking. Use in HIIT, CrossFit or your home gym, securing with the included four rust-resistant metal pegs on grass. Pack all the gear in its carrying bag to store when done.
  • ✅ HOP, SKIP & RUN TO YOUR WEIGHT GOALS: Add fun & variety to your cardio workout with a progressive exercise plan using our foot ladder & agility disc cones. This can help with safe weight loss while improving your coordination & heart health.
  • ✅ TRAIN YOURSELF WITH OUR STEP-BY-STEP WORKOUT POSTER: Backed by a lifetime warranty, your purchase of our adjustable speed ladder gear comes with a fully illustrated, double wall chart showing you various footwork drills for agility in each fitness level.
  • ✅ GROW STRONGER AS YOU GROW OLDER: Agility training for the elderly helps strengthen core joints to improve balance & mobility, aid better movement & prevent injury from falls that can occur as you age. It also engages both mind & body coordination as you learn to focus on every move.

FIFA Street 3 - Playstation 3

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  • Hit the streets with some of the best pro players and experience all the style and attitude of street soccer
  • Choose from over 250 of the world's best players representing 18 of the top international teams
  • Ultra-responsive controls and an easy-to-use trick system give you instant control over your idols
  • Authentic training kits and street wear; distinctive style of play with unique abilities to match
  • Set in exotic locales around the world with an eclectic selection of seamlessly infused music

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